Experience the best course on Seneca Lake

Impeccably maintained, the 6,014 yard course (5,371 for women) demands precision and accuracy. Geneva Country Club fairways are narrow and feature challenging uphill, downhill, and side hill lies. Several approach shots to greens are blind; furthermore, greens are fast and full of undulations, slopes, and subtle breaks. This beautifully manicured course is a challenging test of golf. GCC's current course record is held by Mike Long who shot a 60 and is the new course record holder. Mike shot this round on August 22, 2019. The previous course record of 64 was shot by GCC’s former professional, the late Stan Chizinski, matched in 2013 by William McDermott, and again in 2014 by Matt DeJohn. Our golf course is a jewel along the north end of Seneca Lake with many golf shots having the lake as background.

Hole #1

Par 4

Blue 344 Yards
White 344 Yards
Yellow 344 Yards
Red 344 Yards

Hole #2

Par 4

Blue 322 Yards
White 322 Yards
Yellow 322 Yards
Red 322 Yards

Hole #3

Par 3

Blue 138 Yards
White 138 Yards
Yellow 138 Yards
Red 138 Yards

Hole #4

Par 4

Blue 398 Yards
White 398 Yards
Yellow 398 Yards
Red 398 Yards

Hole #5

Par 4

Blue 423 Yards
White 423 Yards
Yellow 423 Yards
Red 423 Yards

Hole #6

Par 5

Blue 460 Yards
White 460 Yards
Yellow 460 Yards
Red 460 Yards

Hole #7

Par 5

Blue 476 Yards
White 476 Yards
Yellow 476 Yards
Red 476 Yards

Hole #8

Par 3

Blue 178 Yards
White 178 Yards
Yellow 178 Yards
Red 178 Yards

Hole #9

Par 4

Blue 308 Yards
White 308 Yards
Yellow 308 Yards
Red 308 Yards

GCC-Scorecard-1 GCC-Scorecard-1

Player Hole Date Tournament
Charlie Wilson 3 2021 No
Dan Tompkins 3 2021 No
John Mittiga 3 2021 No
Eric Legott 3 2021 No

Player Year Tournament Division
Jim Cocola 2021 Men's President's Cup n/a
Arlene Mcdermott 2021 Women's President's Cup n/a
Bob Manion 2021 Senior Club Champion No
Robert Moschiano 2021 Senior Club Champion Net
Mike Long 2021 Geneva City Champion n/a
Rich Cardinale 2021 Geneva City Senior Champion n/a
Mark Morabito & Paul Wetzel 2021 Men's Member-Member Champions No
Richard Maher & Tom Taylor 2021 Memorial Day Best Ball Net
Pat Herrick 2021 Women’s Senior Champion n/a
Deb Craig 2021 Women’s Senior Champion Net
Jim Cocola 2021 Men's Club Champion No
Mike Long 2021 Men's Club Champion n/a
Patti Albert 2021 Women’s Club Champion No
Pat Herrick & Diane Wenz 2021 Women's Member-Member Champions n/a

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